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More than anything I believe in reminding ourselves of the brave beings we already are.

My dream/goal/mission is to be a part of your journey, to guide you gently towards nurturing your own pathways to wellness. Because the truth is, we all lose our way once in a while and need a gentle reminder of the brave, beautiful and bold beings we are.  I know that fostering creativity in our busy lives plays a huge part in centering our soul and is the backbone of self-care.

I want to empower you to honour your truth and share your story. Especially in times of change and insecurity. I believe in taking responsibility and making our choices with courage and grace. I want you to feel the strength that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and overcoming barriers.

Unshakable courage and immeasurable growth comes from cracking yourself open and defining your authentic self. I know that creativity can do that, creativity can introduce you to yourself. I have experienced art and creativity as catalysts to healing and believe that living with wild creative abandon is soul medicine. I am still on my unending pursuit of being awakened and I am in awe of the discoveries I am making along the way.

My background is in support work and teaching art, in the past I have worked these separately, but more and more I am learning that they are intrinsically linked. I have opened my eyes to my own processes and understand that it's always been there inside of me, these two practices - connected. I have always worked this way, overcoming my fears, barriers, insecurities, with art as a pathway to well being. Recently I have spent time pulling apart my methods, my thinking patterns, my past work experiences and I know now how closely both subjects are interlinked and how passionate I am about sharing my discoveries with others. With you.

So, there are now lots of changes going on around here and I would love you join me on this journey, through this metamorphosis. I am currently working on workshops and online courses, for news on when I will be ready to launch these sign up to the newsletter and express your interest to be first in line for registration.

I love to connect, so please do feel free to email me or find me on the usual social networks (links on the right) and come and say hello.

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